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Friday, October 20, 2017   /   by Lindsey Gudger

A Trustworthy and Honest Agent for Enrique

"I had an issue with my tenants still living in the house. So she [Christy] went beyond her duty and always was communicating with them and you know, was very helpful. I would tell them that she is a very honorous[sic] and trustful person. I went online looking for an agent and as soon as I got her number I called her. Right then you know, just by talking to her I knew she was very trustworthy and honest and that’s how it went. We set up for an interview and you know, I didn’t hesitate to start selling my house with her."

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Friday, October 13, 2017   /   by Lindsey Gudger

Everything Was Taken Care of for Ellen

"She [Christy] was very flexible with our time. We just had to go out on weekends or after work. She showed us the house on a weekend, and actually we found the house that we [wanted] on the first time that we went out. Christy is very nice and she’s very responsive. She would just take care of everything for you, actually. Christy [would] forward me information of which houses [are] available, and then from there I [would] choose which one I’d like to visit. And then she would narrow down it on which one would be available or the best fit for me. And she also helped by recommending the mortgage company that I [could] work with and [would] work with me very well, too."

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Friday, October 6, 2017   /   by Lindsey Gudger

Taking a Flight to Help Aaron for the Whole Day

"Rich took his entire Saturday to go above and beyond for us. We flew in from Utah and he took his entire Saturday to help show us some houses. We only had one day to do it and he took every bit of his time to help us out. I would tell them that we completely trusted his judgment and his opinion and so we trusted him fully. We completely trusted every bit of the advice that he gave us. We were moving into the Seattle area. We didn’t have any contacts up here. So I found that he had some good reviews and ended up calling him and talking to him. He seemed very knowledgeable, seemed very natural in conversation. We ended up setting up an appointment and like I said flew out for a weekend and he spent the entire day helping us find houses. We actually eventually had him go out and look at a house for us because we had [flown] back and found another one that we really liked. So he went out, looked at the house for us, and gave us his feedback and we ended up buying the house based on ...

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Monday, October 2, 2017   /   by Lindsey Gudger

What 4 Tips Can Make or Break Your Listing?

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Recently we got a call from a client whose listing failed to move off the market. They asked us, “Why do some homes sell, while others don’t?”

Failed listings happen, but preventing them is as simple as keeping a few key things in mind. If you’re thinking of selling, consider these four things.

1. Is the Price Right?   If you don’t price a home right, it will sit longer than it needs to and net you less profit. Pricing correctly from the start is key. Many people falsely assume that because we’re in such a fierce seller’s market they can list their home at whatever price they want. This simply isn’t the case. Pricing is always important.

2. Who took those pictures? Many of the expired listings we see on the market have online photos that appear to have been taken from an agent’s cell phone. Poor quality pictures spe ...

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